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What’s Fuyeor Language (FER)?

FER (fuyeor language) is a language that expresses freely, as you like.
Few or no languages can express better than FER. It can create and use vocabulary with a few words (FER has the ability to make words by itself, and others can still understand it).
In a word, FER is relaxed, concise, and expressive.
Referred to as the FER, The language code is fue or fu.

Website · supporting FER

Most of our websites directly support FER display. For example, OneLive search engine and FER official website series.

Professional vocabulary expression

FER supports the expression of professional vocabulary, Such as professional terms in the fields of computer, chemistry and chemical engineering and biology.

Fuyeor Language Forum

You can directly visit the FER forum to communicate with everyone. FER Forum also supports FER display and input.

Professional teaching courseware

FER has professional and beautiful courseware. You can watch the PPT courseware online below.

Language keyboard

The official website supports web-side language keyboards. Windows and macOS keyboards will be available soon.

FER translation system

The FER translation system is difficult and has not yet been implemented. The FER translation system can be realized in the future.
复玥语社区 - 复玥语贡献

See what the FER community needs lately?

What contribution do we need now

We currently need: submit suggestions, develop software, add content, website and community construction, document and tutorial writing, users, publicity and promotion.

Documentation and tutorial writing

Write FER documents, courseware and tutorials.

FER series software development

Development of keyboards and input methods for various systems.

Use and promotion

Start using FER, find out the problems and improve it by submitting suggestions, and promote it.

Want to appear in the contribution list?

Want to appear in the contribution list? Only a small contribution is required!

You can also get the FER community chain and the opportunity to promote your language.

Take this opportunity to promote your culture!

Propose and create.
>Founded Fuyeor Language.
Contact the list:
Luna Valantina
Lux et Varitas…
>Contribution: 5
>Contribution: Some handwritten font styles are provided.
Lang: Solingvo (Arts-Auxiliary)
website: lsolingvo.github.io/Solingvo
introduce yourself
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OneLive Search · FER search engine

The OneLive search engine supports displaying FER, will soon support FER word segmentation, and indexing website pages with FER.

  • Display FER font
  • FER word segmentation and index
  • Search everywhere box
  • Mobile adaptation

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