Transliteration of “Fuyeor” in various languages

There are so many languages in the world, and each language tends to use its own writing system to represent concepts and salutations. For example, some English names originate from Greek mythology Achilleas – Αχιλλα, Calliope – Καλλιπη and so on. So what is the representation of “fuyeor” (in Fuyeor: ) in other languages?

Asian regional languages

Simplified Chinese(简体中文)复玥
traditional Chinese(繁體中文)復玥

European regional languages

Russian(Русский язык)Φуиеор
Ukrainian(українська мова)Φуиєор


The representation method of “fuyeor” in other languages is subject to the representation in this article, and the language without it means that the standard representation method has not yet been specified.

This translation table is separated by region, and the languages in the table are sorted according to the number of users, from top to bottom.

All languages in this article are subject to the standard language. The translated names in language variants (regional dialects, etc.) other than the standard language shall be subject to the standard language.

If you think the above expressions are inappropriate, please discuss in the comment area.

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