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FER (fuyeor language) is a language that expresses freely, as you like.
Few or no languages can express better than FER. It can create and use vocabulary with a few words (FER has the ability to make words by itself, and others can still understand it).
In a word, FER is relaxed, concise, and expressive.

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The FER Introduction


FER is an artificial language project; she has a total of 38 phonemes and 30 letters, including 13 vowels, 26 consonants, and 1 diacritics.
There are two basic tones and three derived tones. There are printed and handwritten.
The name is transliterated in Latin as "fuyé fánńa" and abbreviated as FER.
Proposed in 2018, it is expected that there will be official release in1040days!

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Release countdown

It is expected to be officially released in1040day !

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Forum support

Temporarily unopened

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Courseware download (with embedded FER fonts)

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Simple FER editor







Welcome to start learning!

As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now.
Anything, it won’t be too bad to start right now.